Christian Lacroix Does Water Bottles

Check these out: Christian Lacroix designed Evian water bottles which I found via Pomegranate & Patchouli. I'm so envious as I haven't seen these in Australia. Here's the scoop from Pomegranate;
"This time, it was Christian Lacroix, people! Christian Lacroix!! The French designer created limited edition bottles for French water-producing company Evian "Pour les f├ętes"- translation for the celebrations/holidays. I think the idea was absolutely genius! There's a pret-a-porter bottle, and a couture bottle. Personally, I prefer the pret-a-porter one. It's so pretty (inspired by snowflakes and winter) and delicate."

Wow I just think they are gorgeous. Wouldn't they be lovely placed down the middle of a dining table set for dinner with a pretty flower in each one!