Wedding Hair

Before I got married, I was searching like crazy for a loctician in the Bay Area that could do my hair, for my wedding. But I did not have much luck. I knew of a lot of locticians that maintain hair, but not a lot that did fancy styles. Most of the locticians that I have seen, that do really beautiful updo's and styles are in New York or other states not close to California (if you know of any, please let me know).

So since I didn't have many options,  I decided to do my own hair. I ended up using perm rod rollers to curl my hair; and knew that when the big day came, I would just wear a big curly bun. 

On the big day, I was so out of it, that hair was the last thing on my mind. So thank goodness for my make-up artist Shonna Hall, because if it wasn't for her, I would have forgotten all about my hair! Shonna save the day for me, after she did my make up, she helped me pin up my hair. So out of all the expenses I had for our wedding, my hair was not one of the major ones.