Hollyoaks Hunks steam up 2010

British television makes its bid to steam thing up come 2010 cool...

And judging from the looks of 24 year-old actor Anthony Quinlan down below, mid-winter January might just turn out being the hottest month of the year... (give or take a few degrees for the conspicuous absence of actual boxing shorts cool)...
Introducing the 2010 Hollyoaks calendar... an introspective look at just how much the British television series has apparently bulked up since last I recall watching it confused. And to be honest, quite a step up as well from... well let's just say the last calendar was a tad less proficient in the abs department.
The 2010 'Hunks' calendar went on sale earlier this month and basically stands as a counterbalance to the 'Hollyoaks Babes' 2010 calendar which debuted the month prior. As usual, the Calendar's available through the standard Amazon channels.

I'd imagine this set might make a fine addition to the torrent of sexy 'hunks' calendars slated to vie for the spotlight in time for next year.

Btw, I take back what I said about January. Clearly June stands out as the hottest month out of them all (subjectively speaking of course). Geminis rock mrgreen.