Reader Question for You

I received the following question from a Naturally Beautiful Hair reader, regarding hair loss. I wanted to ask you all, if you can read the following question and let the reader know if you have any advice for her.

"Good Evening Karen,

I have been a longtime lurker at your blog as well as being loc'd for 3 1/2 years. I have noticed that front edges, especially the sides are starting to grow very thin and I am afraid traction alopecia may force me to cut my locs. I have sworn that locs would be my permanent hairstyle--but I am afriad the thinning around the edges
may become permanent and then I will be bald. I don't see the same problems
with other loc wearers who have long locs such as yourself and celebrities such
as Nerissa Irving. Do you have any suggestions for encouraging growth or perhaps
shaving the area?


Signed Anonymous"