A Special Visitor

Last night we were thrilled to be invited to dinner with Karen Cody & Terry Clark (Brisbane agents for Schumacher) and Andrew Puschel from Schumacher in the U.S. Andrew is currently on a whirlwind trip visiting Australia & New Zealand showing some of the beautiful collections from his family company Schumacher. This morning, after a lovely dinner last night Terry brought Andrew up to Black & Spiro. Over morning tea we viewed some of his latest collections. The girls immediately fell in love with much talked about Chiang Mai Dragon. We've ordered lots of drops for our front window display and sample books for our library. It was very interesting to meet and discuss the design industry with Andrew who is 5th generation Schumacher. If you haven't already visited the new Schumacher website, do so as Andrew is responsible for it and he has promised to keep me in the loop with news and upcoming collections. One collection we talked about last night which is being designed by a favourite American Interior Designer is due for release end of the year but I promised I'd keep it a secret for a little while until he gives me the go ahead to tell all!!