100 Subscribers!!

Naturally Beautiful Hair has reached 100 followers... And has a total of 11,739 hits!

I am beyond grateful; and also happy to have a creative outlet such as blogging. It really is fun to be able to write about stuff that interest you & to also be able to get continuously great response's from you all - is what makes it all worth while. N.B.H blog was created 5 months ago, and I hope to be able to continue to share information, news and encouragment with everyone.

My biggest goal is to get all of you involved. Start sending in pictures, poems, artwork, inspirational quotes... what ever you want to share. This blog is definitely more about community and sharing this joy we have. I would also like to start featuring hair style picture instructions. I have posted one pictorial so far, and will try to do more. If you have time to take pictures of how you created a cute style or already have pictures, email me and I will share it with the readers. I also want to start a weekly reader appreciate post. So if you would like to be featured, send me pictures and information about you (naturalhairbeauty@gmail.com). Thank you again for all of your encouragement and for your time. As thanks... please check back for Naturally Beautiful Hair blogs first giveaway!