First Giveaway - Part 1

Giving thanks!

This will be the Naturally Beautiful Hair blog's first Giveaway contest. This is a 2-part giveaway. Both giveaways are to show appreciation to my blog followers. I decided to do two separate giveaways, because the first gift can possibly be used as a Fathers Day gift, so this contest has to end kind of fast, since the holiday is almost here. The second contest will be for a woman's gift. That contest will be posted next.

Giveaway Part 1: The prize is 3 men's leather bracelets

Description - Brand: TOUCHSTONE, Material: Leather, Size: approx. 8-26 mm, Condition: 100% new, Weight: approx. 65g, Quantity: 3 pcs, Length: approx. 237-256 mm

To when this prize, let our readers know what about your natural beauty does your partner, Spouse, Lover or Friend like the most about you. Be creative, and colorful... but please keep it PG. Who ever has the the most inspirational and descriptive message about why their partner loves their natural beauty will win the contest. In order to get this before Fathers Day, this contest will end on Tuesday the 16th at 9pm, so the item can ship the next day. The winners response will be featured in a future winners post. Have fun and good luck!