"Whites Only"... WTF !?!

This weekend, while visiting a local park, my family and I were on a nice little stroll around a pond at Montclair Park. As we were walking my mom noticed something, and pulled me aside. On a fountain, someone wrote "Whites only - No Negro".

I was shocked! I felt like I was transported back in time to the 1960's, where "Whites Only" signs were every where. Could this be real. Could there really be an idiot out there, writing racial slurs, just filled with hate and completely uneducated. Like someone from back in the old days, when Martin Luther King had to March for our rights. Just a damn shame... After all this time, you think people would have better sense.

But, I have to say one thing - Montclair is a nice city. This one ignorant person, that wrote this, does not represent the city of Montclair. But damn, I guess every village has an idiot.
*Update! The park that I visited is located in Northern California. Montclair is a small town located within Oakland, California.