Kind of freaked out a

Last night, I was on the computer with one of my daughter's, playing a learning game. My lovely husband came by and wanted to see how we were doing. So things are going great. Then I realize something. He is holding our cat in his arms, standing above my head. Nothing wrong with that right? Well it would have been cool - if my cat wasn't shedding up a storm. So while my husband is petting my cat above my head, all this cat hair is just falling on my head... Aaaagghhh!!!

I love my cats. But cat hair and loc's do not mix. If cat hair gets in loc's/dreadlocks, it can get embedded in the hair and become a part of the loc. My husband is usually very careful about that kind of stuff. But at that moment, he didn't not realize how much our cat (Jazzy) was shedding. So he helped me get out all the cat hair that was visible to the eye. But after that, I also spent about 10 minutes brushing my locs, just to make sure that all the cat hair was out. Crisis averted... I can breath again.