RE: Garnier Commercial Anti Afro?!?

Good morning everyone,

The Garnier company just responded to my email complaint regarding one of their recent culturally insensitive commercials.

**(Please note that the pictures are for imagery purposes only. They are not directly from the Garnier commercial).

I appreciate their quick response, but I just hope that they will actually take this serious and not just brush it off. Here is there response:

July 17, 2009
Dear Mrs. ........,
Thank you for letting us know how you feel about the commercial for our styling product. We truly apologize if it offended you and your family in any way.

The opinions of our consumers are important to us when making decisions about our products, services and advertising. We value you as a customer and will forward your comments to the appropriate individual in our company.

Consumer Affairs Coordinator
Ref # 5170802