Horrible YouTube video...

A blog friend, by the name of Christy, sent me a link to a story related to a recent YouTube Video that was pulled, because of its content. The video shows a woman abusing her child, while trying to comb the daughters hair. I felt such a big wave of sadness when I saw this video. The video was so disturbing to me, that I decided not to post it on this blog.

There is no mistaking, that what is happening on this video, is abusive. The woman is cursing at her kid. And saying so many completely inappropriate things. Making the child feel as if her "nappy hair" is horrible and needs to be fix. And that the girl had to deal with the pain, inorder to be beautiful again. The mother is smiling in response to her daughters pain. The little girl is screaming for it to stop; and the child is fighting to get away. It just broke my heart to hear and to see this.

I understand how difficult it is to comb out knots, but I would never do this to any child. There are so many things you can do to prevent a child from feeling pain or discomfort when combing out tangles. Conditioning beforehand, is the biggest thing that helps. Combing out the hair in sections, helps. Washing it with a dangling shampoo first, helps. I don't think this woman had or has a clue. If she does understand that there is a better way, shame on her for putting that little girl through that. I question the sister and mothers motive for not only filming this video, but for actually laughing as the child cried in pain.

The Roots talked about how crazy this video is, and how with the help of a few YouTube viewers, the incident was reported to authorities for child abuse. The original video was pulled (deleted) from youtube. Unfortunately one youtube user did not see what the big deal was, and re-posted it. That is one video, I have no desire to see again. The sound of the little girl shouting is haunting. Check out the story Beauty, the Brush and Black Girl Pain on The Roots to read more.