How I beat Diabetes

I was diagnose with Diabetes about 2 years ago. For the first year, I was in total denial. I didn't make any changes to my diet or lifestyle. And I paid for it. I was physically suffering; and I started to have vision problems. By the second year, thanks to my family and research, I started to take my diagnoses seriously. Being Diabetic is very serious. If not careful, a person can have the following problems: lose of vision, heart attack, stroke, and more. Also, because a Diabetic is unable to heal wounds like someone that is healthier. So a small cut/infection can turn into a huge infection that is so bad, that it can cause a limb (hand, leg, arm, foot, toes or fingers) to be amputated. So with all this news, and because I did not want to suffer any more - I started working out regularly and eating healthier.

When the economy started to fail, I was laid off from my corporate job. This was definitely a financial hardship on my family. But being laid off was also a blessing in disguise. I decide to work from home as a Personal & Administrative Assistant for a local business owner. With this job, came the ability to make my own hours. So for the past 4 to 5 months, I have been able to work out for 1 to 2 hours per day, 5 days a week. My work out routine includes cardio, weights and core exercises. With this, I have decrease my food portions and I also cut down on sugar intake. Because of this, I received some amazing news!!! I have been to 2 different doctors in the past two weeks, and both have told me that my Diabetes is no longer an issue!!! It's gone... :-D. I am so so very happy for this second chance. Diabetes is not joke. Even with this great news that I have beat my Diabetes, I am going to continue to live a healthy lifestyle so that I don't' have to fear the return of this illness.

I know that saying "go workout 2 hours a day" may be an impossible and unrealistic suggestion. This job, that has allowed me to have this schedule, is very temporary, so I two, will need to go back to the 9 to 5 type job soon. When that time comes, even with limited free time, I hope to continue to be able to exercise at least and hour to half and hour a day, some kind of way. And I am committed to doing this in the future.

For those of you who may be struggling with your weight, or have a desire to live a healthier lifestyle, check out Spark People. You can track you food, share photo's, blog about your goals and share and receive encouragement from fellow friends on the site. Best of all its free. To see my page, go to HealthyKB.