One of my Inspirations!

I found a picture I took (above), like a decade ago, with one of my favorite singers - Goapele. I look crazy in the picture - so bright... lol. And my smile was crazy huge. I think I was just excited. But I don't like this picture of me at all. But because I am a huge fan of this singer... I will post it.

Although she was a huge inspiration for my loc's (she use to have gorgeous loc's), Goapele now sports a cute braided style . She was one my biggest influences and sources of encouragement when I first started to loc my hair. She was very versatile, and would wear her hair in all kind of different loc styles. I read an article where she was asked how she comes up with all these different looks, and she said that she looks at pictures from all different cultures. If she likes a style, she just tries to recreate it with her own locs. I thought that was cool. And even today, so remains to be an inspiration with her new natural look and her soulful music.