Fake Fro!?!

Ok so the question is - how do you feel about people faking "being natural"?? In a recent blog on FroLab it was insinuated by author Jelize, in his post Battle of the Fros! that singer Teyana Taylor, (who was sporting a gorgeous afro), only had a weave at the time.

Although I do beleive & know that being natural is much more than just some latest trend, I can not knock those who see that there is a beauty in having natural hair and want to try it out. For me - I would rather it be a true commentment, but who am I to judge. If there is someone out there that is popular and famous, why would it hurt if they can use their fame to promote natural hair. Even if it is only temporary. For that time being, their fans are seeing this natural look - and some of them may be encouraged to think out side of the box and maybe even follow their heart to do something that feels right to them. I dunno... Let me know what.

Here is a picture of a Lace Front Afro wig! Looks can be deceiving...

  • Is "Fake" Natural a good or bad thing?!?