Scarves and wraps!

So if you read my previous post - my hair was looking a "hot mess" for about 2 weeks. Which is a big deal, because I don't like to walk around not feeling by best. Any how... I ended up having to be creative with wrapping my hair to cover it up. Here are a few of my favorite looks.

These two (blue an orange), above and below are some of my favorite scarves/head wraps. If you are able to find this crinkle material, it is good for using as a wrap. It's easy to tie, breaths, and is not to hot and is comfortable. So its good for hot or cold days.

Braid bun with a quick scarf wrap.

I got a cool little texture after wearing the braid bun for one day and taking it down. I didn't add any water or product before braiding it. If you want the texture to last longer use a setting spray before braiding.

I love scarves and wraps. At the moment I have a small addiction to finding new ones. If you know of some cool places to find cute head wraps or scarves, leave a comment.