Stumbling Across Kim Parker

On Saturday night after dinner at our local Thai restaurant, Harry and I walked into Riverbend Bookshop on the way back to the car.

Whilst Harry headed for his section I plonked myself in front of my favourite section. I was scouring through the interiors books when I stumbled across a book by US artist Kim Parker.

I actually ended up purchasing a different book. However, it didn't stop me googling Kim Parker when we got home.

I must be a little behind the times as I didn't realize she was the artist behind one of my favourite rugs at The Rug Company!

She has also created some beautiful floral embroidered cushions which I think would be a beautiful addition to any cushion collection.

I think I might head back to Riverbend Books to pick myself up a copy of her book this week to flick through over Easter.