Visiting Auckland - Part 1

Over Easter my family and I visited Auckland, New Zealand - the city of sails. What a pretty city it is. Perched on the harbour, the city isn't large which I found to be quite lovely as it was easy to see everything within the few days we had there.

I found the houses to be particularly charming. The streets were lined with beautiful old trees and the weather was so cool and refreshing coming from a long hot Brisbane Summer.

Over the next couple of days I thought I would take you on a little virtual trip to Auckland by posting some photos I took of this charming town and a few favourite little places I found whilst we were there.

I very much liked the beautiful old houses in Ponsonby {as pictured below} which is very central and has a lovely view over the city. We walked back to our hotel through the streets of Ponsonby and I took a few photos of a couple of houses which took my fancy.

In Ponsonby we ate dinner at Prego, one of the most established Italian restaurants in Auckland.

I found this pair of vintage chandeliers in a shop in Ponsonby which I have emailed to one of my clients for consideration. They are very pretty I must say!

Unfortunately most of the shops were closed in this area when we visited on Sunday due to the Easter weekend however, I do plan to visit Auckland again soon and I will definitely be returning to Ponsonby for a more detailed visit!!