I had this black hat that I never wore because it was just to boring. I felt like a boy when I tried it on. But I didn't want to give it away because it fit really well. So I held on to it. Then I though about try to spice it up with some buttons. I did a search on Ebay, and found these cute heart buttons. It only cost me $2.85 in total with shipping for all 12 buttons. What a great deal... So I took about half of them and sewed them into a little cluster on one side of my hat. And Wahla! I just made my ok hat into a cute hat that I can't wait to wear. And it only took me a few bucks and about 15 minutes of sewing to complete. It was a fun project. Let me know what you think and tell me about some cool things you did to spice up your boring hats or clothing.