"Good Hair"

Tyra Banks talk show is going to be talking about "good hair" on Tuesday, May 12th. I like Tyra (especially her show - America's Next Top Model), but she is any thing but "natural". But what I like about her is that she will take her weave off in a minute and say that it is not her hair. And that she can look beautiful without it. But I would still like for Tyra to really back that up, and wear her own hair more often. On this upcoming Tuesday show, Tyra topic is "good hair" and it looks interesting. They showed a preview and Tyra is sporting her cornrow hair style for the show.

There is one guest that talks about how she perms her little girls hair. I hope not to offend any one, but I think perming a kids hair when they don't even know what its all about, is wrong. It really should be an informed decision based on the reality of what chemicals do to your hair; and the issue of changing who you are to please others. But I could go on for days about that... I am gonna check out the show on Tuesday and write about what happens. It's a topic that has been around forever and probably continue to plague our community. I think everyone in the world has good hair... lol. Not just certain races. If any one watches this episode on Tuesday, come tell us what you thought of the show.