Dreaming of Faraway Places

I woke up this morning and for some strange reason I had Paris on my mind. I then started to think of Positano in Italy and then I went on to think of Lake Como and Venice and my final thoughts, before I dragged myself out of bed, were of the Notting Hill markets in London.

After dropping Harry at school, I came to work and I heard the girls talking about Paris and my mind started to drift again. Then I was flipping through my photo file on my laptop and spotted a few images of some more special places. I don't know what's wrong with me. I wasn't thinking about these places yesterday. I must have caught some sort of travel bug overnight.

Gosh I hope I am better tomorrow as I don't think I could stand another day dreaming about these beautiful places without transferring a few frequent flyer points and hastily booking some flights...mmm an early night might just be what the doctor has ordered for me to rid myself of these dreadful thoughts!!

Image 1 - Corrie Bond Photographer, Image 2 - Corrie Bond Photographer, Image 3 - Source unknown, Image 4 - Vi.sualize.us