Mr. Perfect Jaw-line exfoliates

The 'not so secret life of' gorgeous 23 year-old actor Brandon Eaton apparently involves him mentioning every other second that he's gay....

...well, at least on TV (and perhaps in some of my wilder fantasies) he certainly plays the part. Oh, and of course the obligatory 'I have an awesome body and it must be displayed one way or another' aspect of his character doesn't hurt every now and then either.
This clip originates from Season 2, episode 14 of the Secret Life of The American Teenager. Around late last year Brando (who perhaps you might've caught recently on Dexter and NCIS), was cast in the role of the apparent 'gay BFF'. To say that I've been searching high and low for quality shots of mr. Eaton ever since would be an understatement, but fortunately the great clips keep coming (and I just keep collecting mrgreen). Now... I suppose it remains to be seen just how far ABC's willing to go with this whole 'gay sidekick' character they've written for Brando. Let's just keep our fingers crossed in case the obligatory kiss ever materializes... (i'll be keeping an eye out wink).