The Queen has spoken!

Hello everyone! There was a great response to the Queen Wisdom's Headwraps post back on January 7th. A lot of you love her head wraps, and wanted to know an alternative way to get in contact with this talented lady, outside of Myspace. Well she has replied with the following info:

You can reach her at to place an order. You can view her inventory here. She accepts payments via paypal and is open to receiving money orders if needed.

"Most of the crowns u see on myspace" or on the slide show "are 30 plus the shipping. I do custom orders too...which may or may not cost more depending on the availability and fabric. They are made with natural fibre materials and are all designed to wrap in the styles u see. I also do free online consults when my clients receive their wraps to make sure they have a good grasp of it."

And of course, those of you that do have a myspace page can go directly to her page.