Character Customization has evolved

Clearly the concept of playing according to your preferences and building your own in-game avatar has evolved somewhat since I recall from the late 90s/early 2000s. I mean scaling how large a vein you'd like in your arm? How much muscle mass and facial/body hair you'd like on your character (scaling cup size for the ladies confused?)... And topping it off by designing your own outfits (or lack thereof) all for a third person PC shooter?... Really?
I'm not totally sold on the merits of buying EA's 2010 title All Points Bulletin for the PC. It is after all a massively multiplayer grand theft auto-esque third person shooter (which makes me somewhat skeptical of how long such a game might remain enjoyable). But I can say without a doubt were I to get my hands on this game, I'd probably spend hours alone just customizing dozens hotties for fun mrgreen... (yes I'm shameless neutral)...
As mentioned before All Points Bulletin slated for release early March of 2010... Whether or not it comes out for the PS3 or XBOX is still up in the air, but knowing EA I'd put my money on it. I haven't played a PC game in ages, but I might just check this one out for kicks cool.