Scenic Romance

I've always been a sucker for a good romance, granted that should come as no surprise at this point. And yes, I've come across my fair share of romantic dramas lately featuring phenomenal love stories both great and small... But I've never come across a romantic movie featuring such a majestic/scenic setting mrgreen...

Ok, fine maybe it's been about four years since I've come across such a beautiful set romantic drama (Jake's moved on and Heath's tragically passed on since then)... But I think I know potential when I see it.
...And I see much potential in this latest romantic film by director David Lewis (of Rock Haven fame). The movie itself is called Redwoods and it's set in a small town up in northern California. Both these clips are basically trailers seeing as the DVD itself isn't set for release until early December, but from some of the reviews I've been reading filtering through the net, the film is easily looking like one of my Netflix must-sees.
Redwoods releases on Amazon and TLA December 8th, but for now you can check out a couple more scenes on TLA's youtube page. Also I should mention a special thanks to Rob from WayoutWest for introducing this film over on his video blog.