Definitely (not) a Disney Cartoon

It looks like a Disney animation... it certainly has a general premise that perhaps toned down could fit the mold of a Disney cartoon... But this is most definitely not your garden variety Disney animation.

Where do I even start with this (perhaps NSFW) 'too sexy for this blog' swashbuckling graphic novel adventure confused. A lustful tale about a pirate taking a handsome young nobleman hostage for personal... err 'employment'... gradually evolves into a love story between two unlikely companions. Why if I didn't know better I'd say I stumbled upon a childhood fantasy gone off the deep end (or perhaps off the plank were I so inclined for cheesy puns mrgreen...)
Black Wade is most assuredly not a childhood fantasy though (adult might be more accurate). But tempering its somewhat salacious subject matter is its more than apparent phenomenal artwork from start to finish. The book itself was conceived and created by two talented Italian artists by the names of Franze and Andärle. They've both worked as illustrators for well over a decade, and from what I gather, the initial conceptualization for Black Wade itself was meant as a joke cool.
It's a reality now, and it's a little too hot to handle. You can read up more on Black Wade over at Sarah's literature review blog Rain on the Roof. Black Wade is published by Bruno Gmunder, and you can purchase the graphic novel itself over at Amazon.