From Paris with Love

Apparently that fateful evening blogmate Jerome Patalano courageously took it upon himself to approach a devastatingly gorgeous party-goer for an impromtu modeling session appears to still be paying dividends... quite dramatically so indeed.

...Considering the party-goer that evening (Marco Trager above) is in fact... well, I've already used the term devastatingly-gorgeous cool. Suffice to say a leather jacket on cool Parisian autumn day never looked so damn hot.

Just Beautiful...
Some of you might perhaps recall Marco from a couple months back in mid-spring when I tried and ultimately came up painfully short padding his votes on Tetu's Mr. April competition (just 200 votes shy sad)...

Suffice to say regardless of the outcome, Marco's still a winner in my book. (And might I add *far* hotter than the guy who beat him out, lol)... But yeah, that aside, this is about the third shoot blogmate/aspiring photographer Jerome has had with Marco thus far, and things only seem to be getting better/hotter.

You can check out more of Marco over on Jerome's site Paris Confidential in his first, second, and third/most recent appearance. And also special thanks to Jerome himself for providing us with these absolutely wonderful pictures.