Symphony of Aquatic Beauties

Sunsets, surfboards, sea breezes, surf shorts, and maybe skinny-dipping with salacious shower-shots shoved in somewhat surreptitiously for... err... hm. Ok, so maybe this haphazard alliterative attempt isn't really going anywhere. But... assuming you were in the mood to blend in all those descriptive nouns in one video clip... Odds are you might just end up with my latest attempt at a music video mrgreen...

The theme here of course is water... (or aqua to be exact)... The motivation behind the video? Well, I can't really say for sure. Suffice to say I was listening to a piece of music (in this case The Verve's 90s symphonic hit), and it dawned on me that me that the harmony kind of sounded like smooth flowing water. (Again, yes I know, weird...)
Anyhow, I think the end result turned well. Now if I could just stumble upon a movie with enough scenes to lend itself to a dedicated Billy Magnussen video I'd be set for a new idea I've got floating around cool.