Athletic Beauty

Athletic: (adj.) Having a sturdy build or well-proportioned body structure. Interesting mrgreen... How odd that a definition for the term 'athletic' provided by would so closely match one of my personal definitions of Just Beautiful. Clearly they're onto me confused...
But yes I must confess myself... I, yours truly Eric, happen to find athleticism (and many athletes in general to be quite honest), undeniably beautiful... Perhaps one might even go as far as to say gorgeous athletes themselves happen to be a major perk of finding guys attractive to begin with mrgreen. Men can be gorgeous in general, but sexy athletes (regardless of the sport), perhaps go doubly so... at least IMHO.

Incidentally, in spite of aquatic sports coming out on top in the most recently closed poll... I did notice that gymnastics managed to creep up in second place there right at the end. Gives me a great idea for an upcoming post perhaps sometime in the near future now that I think about it cool.