Bioware creates RPG of the Year?

"This is the most enormously detailed game world I've experienced, its history stretching back thousands of years, its cultures vivid, beautiful and flawed, the battles enormous, the humor superb. Role-playing games now have a great deal to live up to." - PC Gamer UK

Quite a bold statement indeed cool... Were we to take PC Gamer UK's heaps of praise seriously (and apparently many seem readily inclined to), then Bioware may have struck gold yet again... And almost 10 years to the month since the iconic sequel to Baldur's Gate made PC RPG fans rejoice in unison.
Dungeons, dragons, and magic... Intrigue, gay relationships, and epic battles? I think I may have found my new potential fix to fill that hollow role-playing void lingering from fleeing WoW. Thankfully November 3rd's just around the corner mrgreen...