Friday Fun!! Cool Photo effects...

Ok... so a I am little bit of a geek at heart. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. Anyway, sometimes when I get bored, I like to goof around on the Internet and look for interesting things to do. Here are a few cool photo effects site that I found. The first site is where you can add color effects to your photo.

The second site is On Tazz you can add sunglasses to your picture or change your make up. The makeup effect (below) looks weird to me 'cause I am not big on tons of lipstick and eye makeup. But it was fun to try.

The third site is called Color Try. I thought this was a cool tool to use of you want to see what your hair might look like in a different shade.

Alright, enough goofing around for me. I need to get back to work! I hope you enjoy this post. If you know if any cool photo effect sites, please leave a comment, with a link to the site or the name of the site you like. Have a wonderful weekend.

XOXO - Karen