Beau Mirchoff - A most appropriate name

Were there an award handed out annually for most fitting/appropriate first names, I think this particular actor might be a shoo-in for this year's nominations cool.

A 20 year-old Canadian actor aptly named Beau Mirchoff?... hm... Immediately connotations of male beauty and handsome appeal starts floating my through mind. Subsequently only to get reinforced by his utterly adorkable gorgeous bright smile mrgreen.

As some of you might be well aware by now, Beau is in fact the newest/latest cast member on the Desperate Housewives set over on ABC. It's funny, when the first episode aired this year, I distinctly recall doing a double-take (in the midst of doing chores) the moment his face appeared on the screen... A pleasant surprise no doubt... perhaps especially so considering a couple of his earlier projects confused.
Originally I was planning on adding the clip corresponding to these beautiful stills, but apparently youtube had other plans (i.e. embedding disable (not) by request confused)... So i figured why not settle for Beau's beautiful shiftlessness from the DVD movie The Grudge 3 earlier this year... Hopefully we'll be seeing more of this version of Beau later on this season on Desperate Housewives (*crosses fingers*)...

You can catch up on Beau's latest Wisteria Lane misadventures every Sunday at 9:00pm CT over on ABC.