Rugby's Finest brings 'em big for 2010

While we're on the subject of rugby hotness...
Let's see: British rugby players, check. Beefy bodies, check. Curves and crevasses in all the right places, check. Beefy bod... wait, I checked that one off already didn't I confused?... Well, suffice to say I think we're seeing an interesting theme here with this latest entry to the long list of rugby players showing off perfection for your wall come next year.
Enter the UK's Rugby's Finest 2010 Calendar. A veritable who's who illustration of reasons to envy Rugby's relatively low regard back here in the states sad.
Ok, so technically I have absolutely no clue who most of these guys are confused... Except for perhaps Will Mathews who's modeled in the past for Dieux du Stade. Oh and perhaps Danny Care, who's utter hotness could do with a post of its own sometime in the future mrgreen.
But yeah, if you like 'em big, but not too big... And somewhat curve-alicious... then I guess this wall calendar might be for you. You can order your own copy of the 2010 Rugby's Finest Calendar online over at Amazon's UK website.