Blair Witch 2.0?

Way back in 1999 a group of wayward Maryland teens wandering through the woods disappeared with nary a trace save but a camera... and some footage... oh, and a subsequent hit cult movie that raked in well over $200,000,000 worldwide on a $60,000 shoe-string budget. Fast-forward about 10 years later, and apparently the 'creep the hell out of you on an ultra-low budget' genre is still going as strong ever.

Assuming you're willing to replace the woods this time around with an upper middle-class suburban household. And upgrade the wayward teens with a young 20 something couple being traumatized in said upper middle-class house on a nightly basis...
Paramount's marketing is brilliant cool. I had a chance to catch this fantastic low-budget thriller last night... and my verdict? Well I laughed, I cried (...from laughter), I was startled (for a couple half-a-second intervals), and I loved it. Not necessarily for the fear factor, but just perhaps on entertainment value alone. It's a fun flick that takes a more subtle approach to creeping you out than say your standard gross-out horror flick a la Saw series and Drag Me to Hell (that seems to be all the rage nowadays). This movie was in fact entertaining, and I highly recommend it... Although be forewarned, it can (under certain circumstances) induce mild paranoia if you happen to sleep in an dark room late at night... with your door open confused.