Flip Ponytail Braid

My oldest daughter (10 years old) is so cute! She often comes home and tells me about a cool new hair style she has learned about, and wants to try. When she first tells me about some of these style, I am totally confused... lol. But then she takes out her hair-styling-doll and demonstrates how to do the style. That's when I have my "Ahhh Haa!" moment, realizing that the style is something that I can recreate. So she came home a last week and asked me to do a Flip Ponytail Braid, and this is what I did:

Isn't it cute! I love it. A beautiful and age appropriate style. She teaches me something new everyday. Sometimes I just watch her in amazement. She has such a grace about her, like natural elegance.

Ok... lol. I am having a proud Mama moment :-D. Have a good day everyone! ~ Karen