American Idol Texas stud: Tim Urban

Ok, so he may not exactly be 'the best' singer out of the remaining guys for this season's American Idol... but wow is he stunningly gorgeous once that shirt comes off (not to mention pretty ripped). Seriously this kid could/would be a model I suppose if he wanted to cool...

These candids of a shaggy-haired super adorable 20 year-old Texas native Timothy Urban leaked on the net sometime around late last month... And as you can imagine, have been making the rounds as of late cool... (can someone say underhanded popularity campaign mrgreen?)
Well, whatever, I don't vote on American Idol, but I think it's safe to say a pretty decent voice along with a couple rippling abs might be enough to push this guy further towards the final four (at least for the time being).
Idol judge Ellen Degeneres made a comment a couple days ago that perhaps Glee producers should look into casting this guy for a role... I think it's safe to say I'd be 100% behind that notion, assuming of course they happen to come with a good reason for him to lose the shirt every now and again