Journey Gong tells us a Bedtime Story

(*looks at the clock*)... Well, I guess it's still kind of a bit early for bed, but I suppose if photographer Journey Gong has a bedtime story to tell, I might as well get comfortable for this one mrgreen.
Comfortable enough at least to slip into yet another utterly beautiful photographic dream sequence... One mind you thus far without words, but as they say pictures do tend to speak for themselves.
beautiful eric (9)
And I for one am loving - every - minute of this story... Million dollar smile and all...
(*sigh*)...Anyhow, as some of you might recall Eric was featured a couple weeks ago for Journey's previous Waking up in New York series. This is in essence a follow-up to that set... Except this time focusing on the gorgeous 24 year-old alone, as he aids in Journey's effort to make our dreams just a tad sweeter cool. (And doing a fantastic job all the while modeling some ultra-sexy briefs by Timoteo, along with a couple nifty shirts courtesy of JS Dirty Industry).
beautiful eric (7)
Just mesmerizing... I don't think I put these shots any more succinctly...
beautiful eric (5)
You can check out more of Journey's gorgeous photography over at his own personal photoblog... (He recently took what apparently turned out to be a breathtaking trip to Australia, so be sure to check that out as well). And if you're a photographer and so inclined, you can check out more of the bright-eyed beauty Eric Carpenter above over at his own MMayhem portfolio. Oh and yes, the Timoteo wasteband does bring out his eyes doesn't it confused?