A look back at Mr. Pavelka

Now that all's been said and done... all the flowers handed out, the million-dollar smiles flashed, the side 'controversies dissected', and of course the numerous hearts broken... I believe it's safe to say I'm only left with one question... Does this guy know what he's gotten himself into cool?
Jake Pavelka shirtless (1)
Ok, granted who's finger he chooses to place that ring on is ultimately his decision to make... plus for all intents and purposes he's supposedly happy enough with his decision (for the time being at least)... But I can't say I'm 100% behind bachelor contestant Jake Pavelka's final choice for future 'matrimony'. Especially considering some of the other girls turned down, but whatever...
I suppose if the whole marriage thing doesn't work out there's always a potential modeling (and perhaps acting) career to fall back on.
Seeing as this might possibly be my last post ever on Jake, I figured I might as well go ahead and post up some of my favorite scans from this past season all at once.
As you can tell, every single one of theses shots posted (along with all the scans I made) originate from OK magazine. I swear those guys practically had the biggest love affair with this man for the past couple of months. And thankfully so, considering some of this beach set shot by LA photographer Giuliano Bekor are nothing short of gorgeous.
Again, if it this whole marriage thing doesn't work out (*flashes grin*)... well I won't try to jinx a new couple... Plus seeing as Jake's future holds a little dancing reality show with competing stars, maybe there's a slight off-chance we might be seeing more of this guy in the coming months. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed...