Spring is in the Air

And as the winter season goes, so goes the necessity for those cumbersome coats/shirts and pants mrgreen
And out come the obligatory flashing of the abs and shorts and model worthy good-looks (how I wish this were so IRL sad)... But yes, it's that season again for the grass to grow a little taller, and perhaps a little greener if you're willing to put in the time and effort...
...and... I feel it's also perfect timing for us to take a little trip back in time somewhat (say perhaps to somewhere about the mid 2000s), and take a look back at some of the timeless beauty that pervaded throughout that ill-fated yet overall exciting decade cool.
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A couple of these models above and below might be familiar to some of you, while others maybe not so much. But nevertheless, for a brief moment in time, each and every one of these guys were captured by a brilliant photographer and featured in one of the hotter coffee table photography books of the past decade.
I'm of course referring to photographer Adam Raphael's 2008 compilation otherwise known as Barely Working (or as I like to call it, walking bare-ly mrgreen). But yeah, some of the featured photos in the book actually date back to the early 2000s (at least as far as I can tell), however they're just as stunning today as the day they were taken... and yes, I feel they're quite appropriate enough to usher in the new season... Or at least usher in a new rotation for my wallpapers, whichever one works best cool.