Winter 'Hewolf'

What could possibly be so captivating out there?
Shawn S (3)
When as far as I can tell all my attention is focused in here cool...
Shawn S (2)
Ok... well, now he's got my undivided attention. And in spite of my skepticism at the prospects of keeping warm in just a winter jacket (and nothing more) with the kind of weather we've been having these past couple of weeks... I suppose something must be said for pulling off an utterly hot yet unique look with regards model... Whether with or without the jacket., on second thought I'll just settle for without the jacket. Apparently 27 year-old Washington, DC model Shawn here seems pretty hot enough on his own. And for someone who goes by the moniker 'Hewolf' I figure the light/shadow fur background concept by photographer Lem couldn't be any more appropriate.
Shawn S (9)
What a brilliant use of light and shadow mrgreen... (ahem, of course no comment on the curves... I'll leave my opinion implied cool)... But yeah, you can check out more of Shawn aka the 'Hewolf' over at his personal model blog.