Mum's Late Night Emails

Sometimes late at night when I am up on my computer working I start to receive emails from my mother. It's often after she has had a long day at work, cooked dinner for my father and had a few glasses of wine. She too is on the computer working and scouring the internet for inspiration. I thought I'd share the emails she sent me last night as they brightened my day. Here goes...

The first email which I received from her at 8.16pm...

"Do you think Grandma could paint this (my grandmother is an artist)? It already looks a lot like a painting. I found it on Garden Rooms blog."

The second email which I received from her at 8.18pm

"Wouldn't it be nice to find this spot for a glass of wine when you are in France. I really enjoyed the Garden Rooms Blog."

The third email which I received from her at 8.59pm...

"That's a spectacular ceiling."

And finally the 4th email I received from her at 9.26pm...

"I wish I was a princess and then I could have a bedroom like this. Imagine what havoc the Prince (my father) could reek with his TV Dinner tray. We would need Robyn (my mother's house keeper) x 10 just to do the washing."

As you can see by the time she sent me the last email her imagination was running a little wild! I actually laughed my head off when I received the last one because if you knew my father you would understand. As soon as he gets home from work he heads to his bed for the night where he eats his dinner (most nights spilling it all over mum's beautiful bed linen) and watches t.v. and ends up snoring by 8.00pm. No wonder my mother was up emailing me...what fun is a snoring husband!! As I keep on saying to her - maybe you should start a blog mum!!

Thanks for sharing my passion mum - you always continue to inspire me and I absolutely LOVE our night time email chats!!


Images from Top - Miles Redd via Garden Rooms, French Coastline via Garden Rooms, Image source unknown, Charlotte Moss bedroom via Peak of Chic.