Home Work

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing a few little finishing touches at home. Last week I collected together some paintings I have and had them hung in a cluster on a wall in our kitchen. There are a couple of drawings Harry has done for me, a painting which I picked up down in Bangalow last weekend and a few other special things I have collected over the years. The trick with cluster walls is laying the paintings down on the floor in a layout you like first and then hanging them. I always have a professional picture hanger hang them for me, after I have laid out the design, as my husband is {unfortunately} hopeless with a hammer.

Sunday Lunch

I love the idea of a Sunday lunch like this with family and friends around a beautiful old table with lots of flowers, wine and great food. Now that Winter is almost here I think I need to plan a lunch like this out on the grass in our garden under our big old tree around our old French dining table.

A Bed for Ned

Ideally it would have been great to have had a bed built for Ned just like this one above when we were renovating last year however, we weren't considering a new puppy at that time. So, after all my thoughts of where or what Ned will sleep in it seems he has opted for the easiest option of all. He loves to sleep on a towel, albeit an Ralph Lauren towel, on the floor right next to my side of our bed....yes I know I am a softie letting him sleep inside but that's just the way I am. I couldn't sleep knowing he was outside all on his own. He has found his resting spot and I'm thrilled.

Image 1 - via Brabourne Farm Blog

Authentic Hair by Ademola Mandela

I saw this book about five years ago, when I went to New York. When I got back home, I tried to search for it, because I was really impressed by how the book was put together. So originally, I found it online for about $45 dollars. But I though... O' I will just wait until they lower price. But a few months later, I could not find it any where! It was sold out. So today, I did a search, and someone is trying to sell it on Amazon for $145! Ok, I like the book, but I don't need it that bad. Dang... :-P. Any how, I will keep my eye's open. It was a really nice book filled with pictures of people (a few celebs) with their natural hair. It includes passage and poetry. If I ever get the book, I will share more about it with you.
Authentic Hair
by Ademola Mandella
"This book features photographs of African locks, Nubian twists, Bantu knots, Barber cuts (Afro & Fades), Hair Tattoos, Cosmic locs, (dread- extensions), and MC Locs, (Multi-cultural Locks) by Preston B. Phillips Jr. Empowering poetry and prose by 50 of the Diaspora's most dynamic spoken word artists, enhancing these innovative styles. Also included is a vocabulary and essential information about the care of so called 'ethnic hair". Introduction by Tulani Kinard Foreword by: Malcolm-Jamal Warner." - inetmgrs.com

Friday Flowers & Ned

It's been kind of a crazy week in our household. Yesterday I went to the airport to pick up our new little family member, Ned an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy. He is divine. I thought I would take a photo of him with my Friday Flowers. He really didn't want to sit on the chair, hence the not-so-great photo. I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are, whatever you do. See you next week!

More Pretty Vintage Style

Another great example of pretty vintage style above. So many lovely things in this photo. I adore the red and white stripe armchair with the floral cushions and the white cane table displaying lots of gorgeous things is divine.

Image - Country Homes & Interiors via Brambourne Farm

Loving the Redo of this style!

Franchesca (from Franchesca.net) read an old post from my blog about
a recent Natural Hair Show. She like the picture featured in the post and
decided to do a hair tutorial doing the style. Here is the original picture
on the left, and Franchesca's re-do on the right!
Very cute! Thank you Franchesca for giving this style a try. It came out very well. Check out her YouTube video below -

FYI: To see Franchesca's interview on the Naturally Beautiful website, click here.

Pretty Vintage Style

I love this pretty vintage style room. It's amazing how inexpensive it is creating a room using vintage pieces. My friend Simone recently started a great blog called Beach Vintage where she shares her passion for vintage finds and how to create a great vintage look on a budget. I can't believe some of the gorgeous things she has collected and created and she always does it so inexpensively!!

Image 1 & 2 via House of Bliss

Natural Beauty Spotlight - Valerie June

I love seeing how uniquely different women and men loc's/dreads look. Because we all have a different textures, shapes, styles and color of hair. A lot of times, I will see someone that will look like they have perfect loc's, but knowing better... I am sure that each of their loc's are different in some kind of way, whether it be the length or the thickness.
I saw a picture of Valerie June on Holistic Loc's, and I was mesmerized! What a beautiful crown of hair she has. I just love it. Free form dreads are not every one's cup of tea. But I think she looks amazing. Valerie is a singing artist. To read more about her, check out the post on the Holistic Loc's Blog.

Love what you do!

I saw this great poster on The Bright Side Project. I probably mentioned a few times how much I love being creative. My dream was always to be a artist or designer of some kind, but I ended up in boring Corporate America.... :-P.

But I have found numerous was to reconnect with my passion of being artistic. I love to draw, do crafts, sewing, knitting, painting, creating websites and blogging with tons of great images that express what I am feeling or trying to portray. That's how I get in touch that that part of me. I keeps me centered. I would love to hear about your passions and what keeps you happy.

Today I Love...

Today I love this gorgeous clipping of a Tiffany & Co. advertisement which Emily posted last week. Some lovely reminders don't you think?! Click on image to supersize.

Painting Treasured Things

My mum's friend who has been painting some paintings for me at Black & Spiro has a very talented son. He is actually studying to be an Architect but thought he would pick up a brush and paint one of my vignettes. I love it so much I can't bear to sell it. Isn't he talented?! He obviously takes after his mother!! The crystal vase is one which my grandmother gave me and the colourful box is one I picked up a few years ago which continues to be one of my most favourite things. If anyone would like a painting done of their treasured things just let me know as Tom or Diana could certainly create something wonderful for you...

From The Files

I have had this house on file for quite sometime. I re-discovered it the other day when I was hunting for something to show a client in one of my many magazine tear out files. It belongs to Danish jewellery designer Marlene Juhl-Jorgensen. I adore her collections which she has featured against an all-white background. In my opinion this house seems so glamorous yet so simple and family friendly at the same time.

All images via - Interiors Magazine

Back from Sacramento...

I just came back from a great weekend in Sacramento. My family and I went up to celebrate my sister-in-laws graduation. What fun that was! Lots of great food, sun and celebration... Got a chance to get in the pool and and relax. My daugthers, husband and I all got sun-kissed. I can't wait to go back. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!

Friday Flowers

I'm not usually a huge fan of Carnations however, I do like this simple little posy I created this afternoon using some fresh white Carnations and a little Antique Cloisonne jar I picked up at the Antique Fair last night. I couldn't decide which spot to put them in so I took a photo of both little spots. The colours of the little jar look so pretty with my vintage bird however, I ended up popping the little arrangement on my bedside table on a stack of books in front of a little drawing of Harry's I recently had framed. See you next week!!

Brisbane Antique Fair

I thought I would remind Brisbane readers about the Brisbane Antique Fair which is being held this weekend at the RNA Show Grounds. I am heading off to the opening tonight which should be fun. I always love seeing what treasures are at the fair as most of the dealers have been saving up their special pieces for months to put on show.

Lady Portrait

If I wasn't trying to be good I would snatch up this gorgeous vintage girl from Lynn at Paris Hotel Boutique. So, if any of you decide to snatch her up make sure you let me know as I would love to see where she ends up!!

UK Love

After a quick look at The Coil Review, I saw this great article on natural beauties from the UK. Check out the article below, or go to the source! I am liking this website already...

May 4, 2009

A U.K. Hair Affair

By Princess L. Goosby

Sisters around the world are celebrating their natural beauty, and their proclamation of what is beautiful is catching on. Stepping out in style and with a very contagious charisma, they are making a phenomenal hair statement: The way their hair grows is beautiful, chic, and oh yes, stylishly fabulous to boot.

Check out these snapshots of natural styles that are sported in the streets and magazines of the U.K. These styles have a traditional everyday natural look but with a twist of versatility, funk and volume. The result is a head turning hit!

The Coil Review

Check out this Natural Hair website called The Coil Review. It looks really informative. Check it out and let me know what you all think. They also have a blog at Coil Review Blog.

It's about that time....

Y'all... I am getting so old.
Two!! Not one.... but two grey hairs in my beautiful head of loc's.
Aww man, this is a serious reality check. I could just cut them out and go into denial...lol.
Or I can embrace it!
O' what the heck! I think I will embrace it.
You only live once.

My Fabric Obsession

Anyone who knows me well knows I am obsessed with beautiful fabrics. For me, fabric is the starting point of any room design. I am continually falling in love with new fabrics I find. Whenever I find something I truly love I buy at least one meter to keep on file so that when I show clients I have a large piece to show them how beautiful the fabric really is. The small pieces in the sample books just don't do the fabrics justice. I thought I would show you a few fabrics I am currently absolutely in love with.

So excited!!

I just won a Cantu Shea Butter contest, for a gift bag (valued at $100) on In Her Shoes!

I have never won any thing in contest or giveaways, so this is so awesome. Check out the post here. I have been wanting to change up my maintenance products for a while. I read that if you alternate/change the products you use every 6 months it will help to cut down on build up and give your hair a boost. So this is perfect. I will let you know about my experience with this product line after I try it out. Thank you In Her Shoes!

Pretty Yellow Roses

Nothing like some fresh bright yellow roses to start the week!! I just picked them up at the supermarket on the way home. Gosh they make me happy!!

Pia's New Book

I have been meaning to congratulate Pia Jane Bijkerk on her new book, Paris: Made by Hand. I enjoyed seeing a little sneak peek of it over at Desire to Inspire last week. I must say I absolutely adore the cover!! Congrats Pia. I can't wait to get a copy!!

Please click HERE for more details on Pia's new book...

RE: Bohemian Soul - I love this store!

Check out my new cute knitted-hair-flower and earrings from Bohemian Soul. I just got it in mail yesterday! I love the cheerful color. It's actually a bright orange, but my camera did not pick up the true color.

I originally saw this on one of the Bohemian Soul models, featured on Bohemian Soul's Myspace page -

"Good Hair" ... Part 4 (feedback from YouTube)

Thank you Shuantae for sharing these videos on YouTube. Very well stated and put together. I agree with you! Every ones "hair is good hair"!! No matter the texture, color or style.

To check out Shuantae on YouTube, click here.

1st Naturally Beautiful Hair Reader artwork!

I love art of every kind. Whether its drawing, painting, sculpting, performance art, poetry, creating jewelry, designing clothing, graphic art and so much more! I am a very visual person. So it was really cool when I got an email from Larry yesterday with a screen shot of his desktop screen saver. This is a picture I took sometime last year I believe. But I was very honored that he would not only make this picture his desktop image, but that he shared it with me. He labeled the email "Desktop Inspiration." So thank you Larry for being the first, and hopefully not the last to send some Naturally Beautiful inspired art work.

I myself love to create art. I wish I could do it full time and get paid for it! But for now its just a hobby. If you are an artist, poet, designer, etc.... please write in to share you art if you think it is something that the Naturally Beautiful readers will enjoy or feel inspired by.

Slightly Annoyed...lol

I have not knitted in a very long time (since I was a kid). Even when I did knit, it wasn't anything amazing. But I thought, hey... let me give this a shot. So I am trying to knit something as simple as a scarf, but for some reason instead of getting a rectangle shape that I need, it starts curving inward into this funky triangle shape.

And I am like dang! What in the world happen? So I ended up having to stop, because it was going no where fast...lol. So I just ended up sewing up the two sides and it fitted nicely on this Barbie. Cute - but not what I was going for. I need help in the knitting department.

*On a side note: You gotta love this shirt!