Inspirational quote of the day

"Saying no to negativity also means not being around negative people. Negative people deplete UR energy." - Deepak

Amen to that!

Hot new shoe from Loubou's

Painfully cute shoes from Loubou's. I feel a little bit of a dominatrix vibe from this design. I'm just saying... :-P. But if I had an event to go to, and they weren't so expensive, I would rock 'um.

- Source: Maneandchic

Singer Carmen Liana

Check out Loc'd singer artist Carmen Liana. Lovely voice. Click below for songs, videos, pictures and more:


Off-Topic.... Cute Hammer Pants!?!

I never thought I would see the day when I would be inspired to wear some "Hammer Time" type pants. But this outfit, worn by Kim Kardashian, is cute! What do you think?

Take it or leave?

Photo Source: Bossip

That's All Folks

Well, that's all from me this week. I am taking an early mark and heading away for a few days. I'd just like to thank the Skirted Girls again for having me over at their table this week. I really did have such a wonderful time. Thank you also for all of the beautiful comments you have left me this week too. You are all very, very kind. Looking forward to being back here next Tuesday. Have a great weekend!!

Image via Lolitas blog

Blue & White Lamp Heaven

I am so excited to say that we finally have some beautiful blue and white lamps available at Black & Spiro. As you can see above the girls have just unpacked them this morning and they are about to be put into the shop. We have some white crackle lamps and some really great orange lamps available too. Oh, and we also have some more new blue and white ginger jars which just came in this morning as well...just in case anyone is interested!!

Two Updo how-to's

Franchesca, aka - Chescaleigh on Youtube, has posted a new hair how-to styling video. I like that she gave two variations, and the styles are quick, easy and cute. Check them out:

Inspirational pictures of the day!

Very cool pictures from model and actress, Nerissa Irving. To see and read more about her, go to her myspace page.

E-Advice & Questions: More info for....

I received an email from Joy, with the following question:
"I have become a huge fan of your blog and website, but I noticed that for those of us with short, natural hair, there is not a lot of info given or styles demonstrated. I love reading your tips on how to care for natural hair and the encouragement you give women and men to be natural; could you possibly add some advice for those of us who are just beginning our journey?"

YES!!! I am so sorry that I have not been giving a lot of attention to so many woman out there that are just starting out with short styles. Or woman that just love having their hair short. I would be very happy to start sharing more photos, tips and information for woman with shorter hair styles, and woman that are transitioning. Thank you for bringing this to my attention Joy. Your opinion counts!

Talking Around The Skirted Round Table

A huge thank you to Linda, Megan & Joni for inviting me to their Skirted Round Table for a chat. I had a fantastic time talking with you all yesterday. If anyone is interested in hearing our discussion click HERE to be directed over to The Skirted Round Table.

Beautiful Internationally

The word BEAUTIFUL in various Languages:
  • Cilubà (language spoken in the heart of Africa ): Citèèlu
  • Spanish: Hermoso
  • Swahili: Hidaya
  • French: Belle or Beau
  • German: Schön
  • Italian: Bello
  • Portuguese (Brasil & Portugal): Bonito
  • Native American (Cheyenne): Emo'onahe
  • Japanese: Utsukushii
Do you know how to say beautiful in another language? Let our readers know what the language is and how it is written.

NBH Website Items for Sale!

Check out my sale items on Naturally Beautiful Hair website:



Vintage Chairs

Sorry about the terrible photos however, I just had to snap a few shots of these pretty chairs I recently had recovered for one of my clients. They were her mother's chairs which we have worked into her lounge room scheme. We covered them in a black and white ticking and had box pleated skirts put around the base of them. I wanted to keep the timber frame in it's original condition so as to show the age of the chairs.

Winners!! - Cute Lola and Invu earrings...

Congratulations to the winners of the last giveaway, for 2 pairs of cute earrings. I am such a softy... I was so impressed by the entries, that I made everyone a winner. If you submitted an entry, please check out the Lola and Invu earrings giveaway post for further instructions!

Interview with Wahidah Fowler

Wahidah Fowler is a Model, TV Personality and a Community Activist. I had the opportunity to interview her (my favorite model) for my natural hair encouragement website Naturally Beautiful Hair. Here are a few quotes from Wahidah's interview:
"My mother taught me the reason why I should be proud of wearing my hair natural. She made me feel like it was such a beautiful and strong statement I was making."
"I give a different perspective of an image that’s not seen that often in the media. So those few jobs I do get, I am noticed. If a certain director does not want to work with me due to my natural hair, I can’t allow that to stop me from progressing in this industry. "
To read Wahidah's interview in full, go to Naturally Beautiful Hair websites Interviews.

Natural Beauty Spotlight - Sacita

This weeks Natural Beauty is Sacita, who is a Hospital Manager, Model & Dancer.
Source: ManeandChic

Happy Friday!!

Have a good weekend.

Natural Beauty Spotlight - Meela

This weeks Natural Beauty Spotlight is Jamaican singer Kamila McDonald, otherwise known as Meela. Meela was featured on ilovemylocs, and I was impressed by her cool style and loc's.

Friday Flowers

Here are some beautiful tulips which I just arranged in a vintage jug for the shop. I love this little corner in the shop at the moment and these fresh tulips fit right in. I hope you have a great weekend. See you next time!


Big Wow!

I am completly shocked this morning. While checking out some of my fellow blogs, I noticed a new story on Solange Knowles. It seems that she has momentarily gone natural.... I would have never expected that from her (not that I know her personally). Any how, looks kinda cool. I wonder how long she will sport this new look?

Artwork by Salena

Le Coil introduced me to an amazing artist. Salena has some amazing digital paintings. This is the kind of style I wish I could afford to buy and hang in my house.

Digital Paiting from Salena:

Cupboard Makeover

I have an old cupboard at home just like this one however, at the moment mine certainly isn't looking as chic as this one.

At the shop I have lots of bits of left over wallpaper from displays we have done. I'm thinking I might use some of these bits to paper the back of my cupboard door.

My little cupboard is in a hallway near our kitchen and currently it is bursting at the seams with sheets and towels. I think I should move the sheets and towels into my larger laundry cupboard and fill this little one with some of my special pieces of china.

This pretty image has inspired me.

Image - Vogue Living

E - Advice: How to tell my girl....

I got a very interesting question from an Internet friend, about a new girl that he is dating. He loves natural woman, but the woman that he just started dating does not have natural hair. So his question to me is, how does he let her know that she would be absolutely gorgeous with her own natural hair??

Here is my advice to him:

I think approaching the subject of asking a woman, that you are just getting to know, to be more natural is very touchy. If she brings up the subject, then your in!! But if its not something that she talks about, it may be hard to bring it up without offending her.

If you are just starting to date, I would say wait awhile, until you have established that you really love the way she looks and carries herself. Once you are both kind of over the initial newness of the relationship (give or take 2 or 3 months), I think it may be ok to ask her if she would ever consider wearing her hair naturally.

But!! And this is a big but! You have to be ready for her to possibly reject the idea. She may like her own style or way of presenting herself to the world. And if she says she is not into it, you may have to just respect that.
In my own situation - I entered my relationship with my husband with permed hair. I already had a huge desire to go natural. So when he brought it up and encouraged me to loc / dread my hair, I was all for it. So it really just depends on her mindset.

Hope this helps!


From the Files

This image {above} is one I've kept on file since mid last year. It's from an article Inside Out magazine did {May/June 2008 issue} on former Vogue Entertaining & Travel & Vogue Living Editor, Sharyn Storrier Lyneham's home.

After spotting this image in my files earlier this week I remembered that Vogue Living had done a story on Sharyn's home too {January/February 2008 issue}. I found a copy of the story and thought I would post the image Vogue Living published of this very same room.

I just adore the look of this sunroom - it's so fresh and pretty, inviting and mismatched and how divine are the fresh Hydrangeas?! Apparently those to die for cushions on the cane chairs are vintage.

These days Sharyn is in partnership with Australian Fashion Queen Belinda Seper in their unique concept store, Edit.

Image 1 - Inside Out Magazine, Image 2 - Vogue Living via Edit

Looking Forward To This...

Michelle Adams is at it again with her business partner, photographer Patrick Cline. Here's what they are about to launch into;

{Excerpt taken from M.A. Belle}

In a time when shelter publications are turning their last pages...

OUR MISSION is to reopen the doors of accessible design. By embracing an online platform we provide inspiration at the click of a finger, directly connecting our readers to their favorite products and resources. Our freedom from page limits means that we can share more content in each issue, delivering an intimate look into the way people really live. At Lonny, we value independent thinking and believe not in following trends but rather in making choices that lead to happiness. We believe that good design and affordable design can coexist and that true inspiration can be found in the teeniest of homes or in the grandest of spaces.

Coming Fall 2009 ;)

I will definitely be checking back for updates on their new venture!

A Fresh New Life

In my work I try as much as possible to encourage my clients to reuse, repurpose, and reinvent their old pieces or pieces which may have been passed down to them from family members. I often get little old stools or chairs or lamps dropped into me from clients wanting me to choose a fabric which would work with the rest of their things. They usually just leave it up to me and then I deliver the piece back to them with a fresh new look.

I was recently asked by one of my lovely clients to make some cushions out of some old embroideries she had. I thought I would post them here today as I have become a little obsessed with them myself. I wish I could take them home and add them to my cushion collection. I think they look great mixed with the black and white geometric cushion. They even have the old pencil markings on the fabric which we kept.

Images - Anna Spiro

Beyonce's - Sweet Dreams

This video got me moving this morning. I can't dance... lol. But I still had fun trying. I love B's videos and music. This latest song is from her Sasha Fierce album.

Little Bits of Loveliness

Just because I think they are pretty.

Image 1 - Domino Magazine, Image 2 - Tiny Happy

The Hart

The Hart Lodge in Tauranga Bay of Plenty New Zealand looks like it would be a beautiful place to visit and if you were feeling a little extravagant you could fly in on your own helicopter and land at the property's helipad. If only I could flit off over there for a few days. That would be nice!!

Giveaway! Cute Lola and Invu earrings...

I just got through listening to Baby Bash Ft. Frankie J - Suga How U Get So Fly, and the song has inspired this Giveaway.

Win two pairs of cute earrings. One pair is by Lola and the other pair is by Invu. Both brand new and never worn. To win this prize, tell us why you are So Fly? What is it about your personality or style that makes you an amazing and confident person . Confidence is everything. Loving yourself is the first step in being beautiful. The person with the most inspiring answer wins the prize. The contest ends on Friday, July 24th at 9 pm. Check back on Saturday the 22nd, to see who won. Good luck to all!

Interviewed by Holly Becker

I feel like this week is becoming thank you week here at ABT. Today I would like to thank Holly Becker for the very kind post and interview she has done on me over at Decor 8. I very much admire the way Holly always supports up-and-coming young designers, artists, crafters and shop owners on her blog. Thank you again Holly!

Nudread Styling Tool

Nudread has a styling tool that will give you twist, coils and or baby loc's in 2 to 20 minutes! I have not tried this myself, but from the look of the video's on Youtube, it looks pretty awesome!!

Has anyone else heard of this before? If you have, let us know what your review is? And if you are checking this out for the first time, tell me what you think about it...