Pistachios: Kakenya

"An animation for Vital Voices, an organisation working globally for women's independence. This film tells the childhood story of Kakenya Ntaiya, a Masai woman who negotiated herself out of an arranged marriage and convinced her village to collect money for her to study in the USA. She has since returned to the village and built a girls' school there. Directed by Aaron Kisner and Pistachios. Music by Dan Radlauer. Produced by Blacklist."  

- Source: Kiss My Black Ads

15% of all Lockology Purchases - July 2010!!

Hello everyone,

Ricea from Lockology has graciously offered all Naturally Beautiful Hair readers 15% off your purchase from their site, for the entire month of July, 2010. Just enter the discount code gonatural during checkout!

 They sell hair products, loc jewelry and more!

Aziza by Lockology

Lockology is a website that sells hair products, and hair accessories. What caught my eyes where the cool selection of loc jewelry.


Clever Gambrel

Another lovely home by Steven Gambrel. Imagine sitting there on the water's edge like that. So gorgeous.

My Life Right Now

My life has been pretty hectic with the arrival of little Max. The life I knew which was that of a working woman with one child, a husband and 2 dogs has changed. I used to purchase my favourite magazines and be able to sit down on the sofa and read them that night. I used to have time to do my own thing. But not these days.

I have had the new Country Style magazine sitting on my bedside table now for a few days and I haven't even had the chance to open it.

I actually glanced at my bedside table tonight and thought I would take a photo of it to show you.

It consists of the Country Style magazine which I am dying to open. It also consists of that pink fabric which, even though I had ordered the yellow colourway on Friday, I changed it today to the pink. I don't usually change my mind once I've made my mind up - what is happening to me? It also consists of a book I purchased on Amazon which I think is very applicable to my life right now - Just Let Me Lie Down Necessary Terms for the Half-Insane Working Mom by Kristin van Ogtrop. I also love the colour of it's cover. Today Harry made me the origami swans which you can see sitting there. I love them. Brad and Harry brought me in a bowl of Harry's favourite treat - ice-cream with coke bottle lollies on top just now to try to cheer me up. It worked.

I'm sure tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow our container full to the brim of Stuart Membery furniture will be arriving on our doorstep. Tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day.


And the winner is...

How do you pronounce it again? Neekon, Naikon... maybe some odd combination of the two? (Nee-aikon confused?)... Well, regardless... From here on out, Nikon and I are tied to the hip so to speak. Considering I've finally decided to take the (quote, unquote) 'plunge'... Sorry Canon sad...
Nikon D300s
My initial goal was the D90, but I figured maybe opting for saving up a little might go a long ways towards my ultimate goal cool. So... now I've got a D300s (with the 's' basically denoting a successor model to the D300, but not enough so to come out with a completely brand new model)... So far I'm loving it though. I haven't had a chance to really play with the video features as of yet, but I've been practicing taking a couple shots when I've had the free time (aka kinda also eating up the time I normally otherwise might be using for blogging confused). But it's definitely a lot of fun mrgreen...
I paid about $1300 and change, so not exactly breaking the bank as I thought it might've been. I think it's a worthwhile investment however... And hopefully I'll be posting up a couple shots in the near future mrgreen...

Snuggly Soft

I swear those pillows look remarkably soft... You can almost tell from just the contours and texture... maybe even the lighting as well, I don't know cool.

Kind of makes you want to just jump right on in and get comfortable snuggling with a good snuggly thing worthy of being snuggled relentlessly. So warm and comfortable, you could practically just fall right asleep with it. Caressing and gently touching as you hold on tight... stroking and feeling up and... ok, I think I'll stop there mrgreen. Definitely gives my bed a run for its money though cool...

Skater Love

You are now looking at my Iphone wallpaper for about the better part of a month now. Not just my Iphone wallpaper though, but actually one of my favorite art renditions by a prolific comic artist named Joe Phillips. I'm not sure if the piece has a name, but I've basically coined it 'Skater Love' for the sake of titling this post mrgreen.
joe's boys
Just the level of detail in the graphiti, the skateboard, the tattoos alone are impressive. But the theme itself... I just find it appealing wink. Kind of also harkens back to that MTV commercial from a while ago. But yeah... I'm thinking there's a cool poster just waiting to be made here. The phone wallpaper conversion works for the time being though so I won't complain cool.

Boy of Summer

I think I'm in love...
Yes, granted the basketball season's given way this month in favor of a mass vuvuzela-fueled hysteria currently sweeping the globe, it is still summer here in the states.... And summer means summer activity type stuff (maybe a pick-up game?) taking place outdoors on a gorgeous June day... Preferably with a super hot shirt-deficient protagonist leading the way cool...

...So yes, I think I'm in love... With summer... Along with all the sweat-work-up inducing, heart-pumping outdoors (perhaps drenched?) yet looks oh-so-hot in just those blue shorts playing on a court all by himself kind of way.
basketball beauty (1)
Or maybe I've just got a thing for uber-cute dark-haired guys, who knows. Either way I love this time of the year mrgreen...

And I'm Proud to be...

U-S-A...U-S-A....U-S-A... (Ahem)... Sorry, still had a couple more patriotic chants left in my system from Wednesday's heart-palpitation-inducing victory over Algeria's finest.

Every inner inclination had me wanting to label this as a miracle...

...but honestly, given the horrendous officiating both in this and the previous game, I'll simply settle for calling it well-deserved... not simply so much as in Donovan's ultimate vindication earlier this week... But if nothing else, for the simple fact that this past year's been kinda rough on the US. We could use a little good news every now and again, so thank you very much Donovan for coming through:
I get chills watching this video mrgreen... Here's hoping we'll get a shot at showing Ghana what we're made of this later today. Good luck Team USA.

Zadonis and bro heat up Maui

Take one Zac Efron and add a little water...

Subtract shirt and let him marinate a bit off the beautiful coast of Maui cool...
Add a fortunate cameraman with camera in hand to properly document said Hawaii marination...
Zac and Dylan Efron - Maui (4)
Mix in a sexy upper torso, dripping wet super-star good looks, throw in yet another younger/uber cute Efron bro for good measure and what do you get?... Well apparently from the looks of things, I'd say one of 2010s unintentionally hottest end of spring/early summer photoshoots.
And indeed what gorgeous duo these two brothers make cool. Apparently older bro Zac flew to Maui last weekend with younger bro, 18 year-old Dylan Efron, in preparation for (I believe) a Maui film festival. Zac is due to receive a 'shining star' young actor award, so of course these boys are there mostly for business.
Doesn't hurt taking a little time for pleasure in the lead-up to the awards ceremony though cool... (*takes a moment to soak in gorgeousness displayed above*)... Honestly official business aside, I don't know how to better put it aside from stating the obvious; the Zacster's clearly reached an apex of boyishly masculine appeal...

Just Beautiful...
Zac and Dylan Efron - Maui (6)
I have nothing more to add, so I'll just leave it at that cool.