A Pretty Boat House

Look at this pretty Boat House....so lovely and inviting. What a perfect spot for a Summer Holiday.

Image 1 & 2 - Mike Newling

Solange Knowles Best

Solange Knowles is not only embracing her new TWA, but she is definitely rocking the style. Check out these pictures from the 2009 MTV Awards, photos taken at Bryant Park, and her photo shoot for Honey Magazine.

Kathryn Ireland Book Signing at Black & Spiro

I am so thrilled to announce that U.S. Interior Designer Kathryn Ireland will be doing a book signing for the launch of her beautiful new book, Kathryn M. Ireland Creating a Home, at Black & Spiro on Monday 8th February, 2010 at 12 noon.

I am extending an invitation to all my blog readers, clients and friends to attend this very exciting event here at Black & Spiro.

Please email me for further details if required. anna@blackandspiro.com.au

We look forward to seeing you. Everyone is welcome.

Black and Spiro
768 Brunswick Street
New Farm Qld 4005
Ph - 07 3254 3000

Image 1 & 2 via cote de texas, Image 3 via Kathryn Ireland

L.A.M.B ‘Zan’ Sandals

Only in my dreams would I have a reason to wear shoes as hot as these!

But it's nice to dream... :-P.

- Source: highsnobette

Braided Headband

I found this cute braided headband by Conair at the local CVS Store (formally Longs Drugs). I thought it was cute, so I bought it at $7 dollars, which is kind of high for a headband. But decided to get it because it looked like it would last for a long time. The only problem is that the little brown elastic band on the bottom, wasn't big enough - that thing was way to tight when I put it on for the first time. So I cut off the little brown band at the bottem of the headband, and tied on my own little slim black hair tie. It fit much better.

Big & Bold in 2010

Sonia Arriola's report on this years Maison et Objet in Paris reveals that a trend for large scale prints, bold colour pairings, denim blue, and neutrals that shimmer will be all the rage in 2010. I loved this image she shared on her flickr of some curtains hanging in the Dedar showroom in Paris...the fabric was apparently created to represent a digital print. To me they even look a bit ikatish!

Image - Katherine Kostreva

Hair Art

Another cool style by Thierry Baptiste

Happy Australia Day!

To me today is all about being with family and friends {near somewhere to swim!!} and being so grateful for this wonderful place we live in.

Oh, and every single time I hear THIS SONG and THIS SONG I get goose bumps all over...

image 1 - Francois Hallard, Image 2 - Christine Rudolph

OMG!!! Eye Candy - Cowin

Here's some eye candy for you. The picture above is model Cowin. He is a featured model on B. Breezy's myspace page.

B. Breezy is also a model, as well as a photographer.

A Lovely Bathroom

I've been looking through my saved bathroom images for some inspiration for an upcoming project and this one which was featured in a recent edition of Living Etc. which Kelly posted late last year keeps jumping out at me. I adore the frilling detail on the black and white stripe curtain and of course the all-white colour palette is divine!

Russian Beauty

Were I to envision a perfect illustration of what I'd consider 'textbook beauty'... well, I'd imagine the fantasy might look something akin to this model...
Ok, granted my fantasies haven't exactly reached the stage of incorporating visions of Russian sailors saluting sans shirt (... well, at least not just yet)... But let's just say for a coherent blog post's sake, were I to imagine just one example of male beauty (with of course a little help from one of my favorite Russian photographers), I'd imagine perhaps it might indeed look something akin to this man...

Classy, sexy, handsome, powerful... I think I'd pretty much have to run the gamut of adjectives in trying to classify Russian model Anatoli here...
So I figured for the sake consistency, I might as well simply settle for Just Beautiful...

These phenomenal shots of Anatoli were taken by a photographer who I truly believe may be one of the future greats... 26 year-old Russian photographer Andrei Vishnyakov. Although perhaps not fully represented in just these shots, his wildly unconventional style balanced by a perfect sense of aestheticism is truly reminiscent of the vintage photographers... I'm thinking maybe a modern-day Bob Mizer? Either way I'm sure we're dealing with a master craftsman here of the highest order cool...
As for Anatoli himself... I think I'll add the term cool to my earlier gamut of adjectives... or is just friggin' hot the term I'm looking for? confused...

Morning Coffee

This... would make an awesome Folgers ad, don't you think? A nice cup of a coffee in the morning, with a kiss from a loved one (perhaps a friend?)... So simple, so hot, and yet so wholesome...

Not that I have anything against 'unwholesome' per se cool... But I just love this shot. Plus you can't really even see the models' faces and I still think it's fantastic mrgreen...

Just... err... hot?

I honestly, genuinely, could not tell you what it is that captivates me about this picture... I really just don't know confused...

But rest assured I am captivated mrgreen... I'm thinking perhaps it's the way the light reflects off his face ever so softly... Or maybe it's the symmetrical nature of the face shot?... Either that or perhaps the ever presently defined (yet not too overbearing) abs... Or maybe it's just the shorts, I don't know. The whole package just works with this unknown hottie cool. Plus something tells me he'd look great as my latest Iphone wallpaper smile.

The Sound of Music

I'm sure by now everyone must be well aware of the disaster that occurred down in Haiti... and by disaster I of course mean an absolute catastrophe in terms of the scope and ramifications of damage. Granted the sad images have been flooding our screens for the better part of a week now (some of which I can't even stomach to look at sad). It's a sad situation true, but this past Friday here in the States there was a glimmer of hope for that horrific tragedy currently unfolding over in the Caribbean...
...A glimmer of hope that came in the form of music... and celebrities, and regular people alike coming together for what might go down as an unfortunate, yet ultimately memorable tribute to Haiti. The music itself I should add was quite beautiful (if not downright haunting neutral)...
These two clips were actually my favorites from last night (we can only hope that youtube is generous enough to keep them up smile). The first one above features an unlikely collaboration of rapper Jay-Z teaming up with singers Bono and Rihanna... And of course the one below features the one and only Beyoncé singing a rendition of her hit single Halo.
I don't know, I'm not really a fan of some of these artists, but I absolutely loved the passion they put in their performances last night. Anyhow, you can purchase a studio version of these renditions off the Itunes.com/Haiti website. The proceeds go towards the recovery effort in Haiti, so considering the cause I think it's all the more worth it cool.