Photo Inspiration of the day

Love this picture. Very earthy, and beautifully done.

Photo Source: TPG

Rug Love

I have been obsessed with this Matthew Williamson rug from The Rug Company for a little while. I would love one of these for our new house but I think it will definitely be way out of our price range. The colours used are divine and I just love the pattern. Doesn't it look beautiful with that pink sofa and I especially like it placed on the white painted timber floors!

Ring sold!

Thank you to the Naturally Beautiful Hair website reader who purchased a beautiful handmade copper ring with orange stone, from the website this weekend. It's a great find!

For everyone else, there are still a pair of copper earrings available for sale. Check it out at NBH website Jewelry for sale page. Items are moving quickly, but I hope to add more jewelry to this page over time.

Set of Vintage Plates

A pretty set of plates are available on Vintage by Lou Lou's Ebay store as above. Don't they look wonderful hung on that aqua wall?!

Summer Style Inspiration

Very simple, but stylish wrap.
Source: FYBB

Christie Brinkley's Dining Room

I adore this image {above} of Christie Brinkley's dining room as styled by Kim Ficaro. In particular I am in-love with the April Gornik painting hanging in the background with those gorgeous silver vases filled with peonies on the dining table. Such a beautiful composition!

Love the fabric on her sofa too!!

So Dashing

Just... handsome...
I honestly can't put it any simpler. I think it's safe to say Matt Bomer's about the only actor capable of reverting me back to 12 year-old girl status... err, boy I mean, that's 12 year-old boy status (*shifts eyes*) confused.
I just got back into catching up with the latter half of White Collar's first season (thank you torrents), so of course the bug's hit me once more mrgreen. And yes, I've marked March 9th on my calendar as a must see... And I had better not be disappointed neutral...
Ugh... my dream cool.

Drew: Personification of Male Beauty

Photographer Frank Louis describes Drew as perhaps one of the most breathtaking models he's ever had the pleasure of photographing...
Blue Drew
I say I agree... 5000% yes I agree biggrin.

Not that I want to over-exaggerate too much, I think at this point I've posted thousands of gorgeous guys on this blog. But rarely have I had the pleasure of posting a model so dead-center pinpointed to my tastes. Or better put, so utterly gorgeous my breath was taken about the minute I laid eyes on him for the first time on blogmate Marcello's YVY mag...
Drew by Frank Louis (1)
Since then, I've kind of been obsessed... but can you blame me? Oh, and yes if anybody's wondering, as I've been told, those happen to in fact be his real eyes...

These shots taken by Frank Louis, believe it or not, also happened to have been Drew's first official photoshoot; making the outcome all the more remarkable... (then again a seasoned master was behind the lens for this one, so maybe we shouldn't be too surprised cool).
Drew by Frank Louis (8)
You can check out a couple more of Drew's shots over at YVY Mag where he originally appeared. And of course you can see more of Frank Louis's phenomenal photography over on his portfolio and the gallery on his personal website. Drew also has his own portfolio over on Silver Models Management, so if you're a photographer interested in looking him up, I guess it's worth checking out as well mrgreen.
Just Beautiful Drew
And might I add, clearly... it was a beautiful day when these shots were taken. Unbelievable neutral...

Cross-country Ski Beauty

Blogmate Kenneth over at Definition of a Man posted a couple shots of a gorgeous/shirtless 29 year-old ski hottie named Kris Freeman over on his blog a couple days ago. And seeing as how Kris was one of our competitors in this year men's cross-country ski event, I figured he was worth another look a, uh... closer look cool...
Kris Freeman scan
Albeit from a somewhat earlier point in his career cool. Too bad for the crop, but this is a watch ad after all so what can you do. Anyhow this shot appeared a couple years back in a now discontinued magazine called Cargo back in 2006. I'd since totally forgot about him, but a bell went off thanks to Kenneth's post. Hence my decision to scan the image... along with his recent shirtless appearance in Outside magazine. And for a diabetic no less competing in such a grueling sport... really just impressive all-around with this guy mrgreen.

Not so Lucky Bastard

I was given ample warning not to bother watching this film cool... But given my unwavering susceptibility to the gorgeous dark-haired variety, and a few shirtless screencaps, I just had to see what this was about.

And I've gotta say Lucky Bastard (2009) was somewhat pleasantly surprising and just a little more mildly disappointing than I expected (it's an indy, so I don't come with high expectations anyway mrgreen). If I had to point out a major gripe though, I'd say about the biggest thing holding this film from being outright enjoyable was the fatally flawed plot itself (which pretty much kills any chance for a decent storyline)... and of course some of the supporting actors really can't act confused. Otherwise aside from that, the amount of flesh/abs and kiss scenes is obscene... In a good way cool...
It's rare, but there's really no way I could possibly fit all the shirtlessness into one clip for this movie. The lead actor Patrick Tatten himself is half-naked throughout 70-80% of this movie (no exaggeration neutral). So I guess if you can stomach the somewhat weak plot and inconsistent acting, then I definitely recommend checking out Lucky Bastard. Patrick himself is so adorable throughout the movie, it's unfortunate they didn't have more scenes with his actual boyfriend, cause I think they had better chemistry.