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For everyone that has a blog, we have this great option to turn our sites into a book. I think this is a great idea. I may at some point decide to turn this all into a book for memories. To see how you can turn your blog into a book, check out the following sites:

Blog Book
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- Below, see an example of the kind of books you can make from Blog Book.

Just Beautiful x 2

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
And my eyes behold... err... well, let's just say I could stare at this dynamic duo for an 'excessive' allotment of time... (And perhaps still come away not sure exactly who I'd deem more gorgeous between the two mrgreen). In a previous era perhaps a poll might've sprung up from this shot, but considering some past complaints, I figure I'll simply play it safe and classify this pair as Just Beautiful... x 2 cool...

Half is enough...

Despite his only being half of the Clippinger duo, he's certainly enough to rock my beautiful scale cool...
Allen Clippinger by David Vance (18)
And in spite of his only being one half of the Clippinger duo... The fact that he's currently shooting with one of my photography icons is possibly enough to... well, let's just say perhaps shatter that scale altogether... (and then some cool)...
26 year-old model Allen Clippinger needs no introduction at this point. Both he and his brother are about two of the most recognizable/prolific models of the late 2000s. And... as some of you might be well aware, they've just about shot with a veritable who's who list of leading industry photographers...
Allen Clippinger by David Vance (14)
...That said... this set features the first-ever encounter between either one of them (in this case brother Allen), and the atheistically sophisticated eye of one of my icons; photographer David Vance...(who's work I'm assuming some of you might still recall from his utterly phenomenal book released around this time last year cool)...

Long story short and photography rendezvous out of the way, the end results as you can see (both above and below) are nothing short of Just Beautiful.
Allen Clippinger by David Vance (10)
As I've been told by the man kind enough to provide these shots, apparently there's yet another coffee-table book currently in the conceptual phase. Whether Allen's photos appear within remains to be seen, however... I've got a feeling it should be something special to look out for hopefully in the future...(that and perhaps a couple more shots of Allen currently in the works as well mrgreen).


I love this fashion shoot featured in W Magazine celebrating admirable women in Spring attire! It's so colourful and so Bohemian and how gorgeous is that patchwork vintage style sofa in the picture above!

Photographer - Bruce Weber, Stylist - Camilla Nickerson

Mother's Day Special - From iHeartMyHair.com

Check out this coupon from iHeartmyHair.  This mother's day special was inspired by the "lack of mother and daughter images and representation among the Black/African communities."

If you would like to read more about the inspiration behind this event, click here.  For those of you that live in Canada, and want to take advantage of this great special, this is what your package will include:

❤ Headshot Stylist
❤ Make-up Artist
❤ 8X10 Printed Photo
❤ CD of all images
You will receive your printed 8X10 photo just in time for Mother's Day.

For just: $55 per sitting (4 ppl maximum) you will enjoy professional photography by: Sean Anthony.

Awakening of Spring Boys

26 year-old actor Jesse Lee Soffers is not exactly the Jonathan Groff, but he'll do mrgreen...
Boyish good-looks, check... super cute/dreamy appeal, check... incredibly be-freckled visage, check... making out with another cute actor in the Here! televised adaptation of Spring Awakening, che... wait, no sad. That's not Jesse in the second two screencaps of my Awakening of Spring capture is it confused?... Dammit.

I totally caught this movie this weekend hoping/crossing my fingers for perhaps a Jesse disrobing or kiss, and I wound up getting neither. Nevertheless, as someone who missed out on the stage adaptation of Spring awakening back when Glee's Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff were headlining, I can't say I was disappointed with this admittedly low-budget version (I have no frame of reference to judge this film against, so I can't complain cool). Dreamy Jesse did quite well with what he was given...
And... of course the two actors in the above clip (Jan Milligan and Nicholas Downs) more than made up for previous mis-identification prior to seeing this movie/play. Very err... sensual, is how I'll put it cool.

Anyhow, you can check out more of the Awakening of Spring over on HereTV... Along with checking out the DVD either on Amazon or Netflix.

Black & Spiro One Day Only Sale

As we are about to embark on the remainder of our exciting renovations in under 2 weeks, we have decided to have a ONE DAY only sale.

The last famous Black & Spiro sale was approx 3 years ago so this one is definitely not to be missed!!!

All floor stock including furniture, lamps, shades and accessories will be heavily discounted, as well as a huge range of amazing fabric remnants reduced to clear. I am also throwing in some things from my own home so make sure you don’t miss out.

Remember, the sale is only on for one day!!!

Hope you can make it.

Can I touch your hair?!?

I originally saw this video on Holistic Loc's, and loved it instantly. I have gotten some of these questions. And yes, folks do just come up and just start touching my hair! Thank you Chescalocs for creating this video.


I went to the salon this weekend. O my goodness... what a treat! I have not been to a hair salon on almost two years. I usually just do my own hair to save money and time. At the salon, I ended up getting my hair braided into plaits (aka - braids). The loctician I saw was Roy from follicles, in Oakland, CA. He washed and conditioned my hair, and then braided it into sections.

When ever I do this style, my hair is always kind of limp. So I love how my hair came out. It has a lot of volume and great curl. I love it!

Six Flags Denied!!!

Sadly enough, my family as supported Six Flags by buying season passes two years in a row. But today, I read a post about Six Flags on a cool blog called Loc Rocker, that there is actual discrimination happening in the company against people with dreadlocks. Six Flags will not hire people with dreadloc's! I am appalled by this, and will not spend money with their park, until they have changed their policies. I plan to write a letter to them expressing my disappointment. And to let them know that this form or discrimination is unacceptable and they have lost a customer because of it. Check out the video below, that describes the incident that brought this news to light.

Flowers on Monday

Here are some pretty roses in blue and white ginger jars which I couldn't help taking a photo of at mum and dad's today. I don't think anyone has as many blue and white ginger jars as my mother and still she continues to buy more. Whenever we get new blue and white pieces in at the shop she just cannot help but take a few more home...and yes if you look closely {in the background} she does have a hot pink dining room!!

And my favorite photos from last week were...

Granted I don't live in the UK, but I can appreciate European football every now and again...
Perhaps especially moreso when a game winning victory results in such fantastic images. These photos originate from a Manchester United victory over Manchester City last week where (as some of you across the pond might be aware), midfielder Paul Scholes scored a final goal to clinch the game for United...
Paul Scholes and Gary Neville - Kiss (1)
...Ultimately resulting in a victory 'embrace' from team captain Gary Neville... and a little celebratory meeting of the minds as a mutual reward mrgreen.

Judging from the ensuing mob frenzy that followed 'the kiss' (and uh... the apparently interesting hand position from this final shot), I'd say not a bad day to be a hot ginger who's just put his team over the top in a dramatic fashion. Not bad at all cool...

Athenian Beauty

It's been almost 2,000 years since Greek civilization was viewed as the pinnacle of humanity's achievement...
Steve R (2)
And even still, in spite of the current economic issues that once great nation is undergoing, there are still some amongst them that manage to stand tall... And quite strikingly as well I might add... Sort of in a sense of ancient artistic aestheticism meets modern-day photographic immortalization...

And what better way to immortalize modern-day aesthetic Greek symmetry than to employ the help of a perfectly chiseled 22 year-old Athenian beauty by the name of Steve...

Graceful, stunning, and dare I say perhaps giving ancient Greco slabs of marble a run for their money? Well... maybe I won't go that far...

...But Steve certainly makes a decent case for photography being a spiritual successor to sculpting. And honestly considering the explosion of creativity currently underway, I for one keenly prefer the latter artform mrgreen... Just Beautiful.