Giveaway!!! Gold and Black Cleopatra style earrings!

So the question is (and this has nothing to do with me... lol), what do you think is the difference between being really confident and just plain arrogant? The main point of this site, and a lot of other like minded blog sites is to help boost confidence and pride. But what about those folks that go a little over aboard and think that they are god's gift to this planet. For this contest, please write in and tell us your most remember-able experience with a guy or girl, where they where just so arrogant and obnoxious that it made you want to turn the other way and just laugh. The most interesting, funny and detailed story wins! This contest ends in on April 30th at 10 pm. The prize is a pair of beautiful (brand new and still in package) Gold and black Cleopatra style earrings. Good luck everyone!

- source for artwork