My IC Styling Gel Review

After seeing Wahidah's video on how she maintains her hair, I decided to give one of the products she uses a try. I have always avoiding gel, because I knew that it has a history of building up, becoming a flacky mess and just drying out loc's. But I have always admire Wahidah's loc's, so I said.. ok, I will give it a try. And I love it!

I washed my hair, oiled my scalp with African Pride Oil, and then palm rolled each loc - using the IC Styling Gel at the base of each loc. As I palm rolled my loc's into sections, I braided loc's in groups of 6 loc's for each braid. Once all of my loc's where braided, I let them air dry. I left the braids / plaits in for 3 days.  With the IC Gel, the roots of my loc's stayed shiny and neat the whole 3 days (It always helps to wrap your hair with silk scarf at night, and wear a comfortable scarf around you hair line when working out to keep your loc's looking fresh).

When I took my braids / plaits down... I was so surprise. It looked salon fresh!  This is how my hair looked after I went to the salon two months ago. I was able to get the same look at home that I got at the salon for $60 bucks!  So I am so happy with the results. I am alreayd a fan of the IC leave in conditioner; but now I am also a fan of the IC Styling gel. Of course use the gel moderately. A little bit will go a long way.  Thank you for the recommendation Wahidah. Great info...