Mahogany Boisseau

Check out my interview Mahogany Boisseau.  She is a model and the spokeswoman for Naptural Roots Magazine.

How long have you had your hair in its natural texture? I have been natural for 14 years

What challenges have you come across in the modeling world with keeping and loving your natural hair? The biggest challenge is that natural hair modeling is not mainstream yet, natural hair modeling paying jobs are far and few, but I remain positive that this will change.

Would you ever cut or process your hair to please a big client? No, I would not if they do not accept my hair as it is I will not take the job. I am doing this for such a bigger purpose that is way beyond money. I feel like modeling should be more diverse and I will not conform to what the majority of society considers to be beautiful.

What are some of your favorite products? My favorite products currently are all under the “Jane Carter Solution” umbrella. They work the best on my hair but I am still experimenting with new products.

What do you love most about your texture? I love everything about my hair, I love that I can switch up my hairstyles wearing styles like: braids, afros or curls. I love that my hair represents my ancestors and the beauty of god’s creation.

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