Beautiful Stalker

Rising from the sea, his eyes firmly locked upon his unsuspecting victim... Waiting patiently as he prepares to... (*case of writer's block ensues*) confused.

Ok, so yeah... I haven't exactly formulated a coherent plot for my upcoming 'Beautiful Stalker' thriller novel, but I'm getting there cool. In the meanwhile though, I figure it couldn't hurt ogling a bit at my current 'Fantastics' inspiration in creative writing.

These shots of model Andrew originate from a Fantasticsmag Motel Feature earlier this spring by photographer Billy Winters. I've kind of been using the first shot above as my Iphone wallpaper for a couple days now, but I love the second shot as well cool. Wish they'd featured more from the pool, but I'll gladly take what I can get. Anyhow you can check out more of Andrew at the motel over on Fantasticsmag.